Stay safe with our smoke alarms for Staffordshire!

Every year the fire and rescue service are called out to 600,000 fires, which result in over 800 deaths and 17,000 injuries. These are some pretty startling statistics, so it’s incredibly important that you equip your home or property with the highest quality of smoke detection systems. Here at ETS Lighting we stock a wide variety of smoke alarms to Staffordshire and the surrounding areas, from trusted brands such as Aico Fire and Safety to make sure you can find the right smoke alarm for your property in Staffordshire, click here to find out more. We have a wide selection of smoke detectors, heat detectors and CO2 detectors to give early detection if a fire should start or a CO2 leak should occur. Small precautions can be taken to make your home prepared, so we have a handy guide on fire safety to equip you with the knowledge you need to stay safe:

Aico Fire and Safety

–          Ideally have a smoke alarm in every room (except from the bathroom as steam may                      trigger the alarm)

–          If your home/building has more than one floor make sure there is a fire alarm on each                   floor that can easily be heard.

–          Test your fire alarms regularly

–          If using battery powered fire alarms, replace batteries often.

–          Plan an escape route and make sure this is displayed and talked through often.

–          Keep escape routes clear of obstacles.

Let us help you find the right smoke alarms for your Staffordshire property:

Installing smoke alarms to your Staffordshire property and following these guidelines can make it easier to vacate the building early, but it’s also important to be safety conscious to avoid fire risks in the first place. Get in touch with your local fire department for information. Get in touch or call in to our store to see our wide selection of smoke alarms in Staffordshire. This isn’t an area that you’d want to risk, so come to the electrical specialists you can trust.

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