Start The Year With Smoke Alarms

Keep ignoring that annoying smoke alarm low-battery chirping? Don’t make putting off replacing your smoke alarm or smoke alarm batteries your last regret! The Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service estimate that in the past two years there’s been over 770 dwelling fires in Staffordshire alone, highlighting the need to make sure you are prepared should the worst happen. As the New Year gets in to full swing Fire Services throughout the country are trying to re-emphasise the need to regularly check and replace your smoke alarms. In Staffordshire, the Fire and Rescue team stressed their importance, after serious injury was averted from an accidental fire, due to their smoke alarm alerting them. Smoke alarms can give you precious time to leave the building, increasing your chances of escaping injury. In fact, suggests that you’re twice as likely to die in a house fire that has no smoke alarm, than one that does.

smoke alarms Staffordshire

Smoke Alarms Staffordshire – Keep your Family Safe:

These statistics are pretty shocking, but on the most basic level, ensuring you have the right smoke alarms and safety precautions for your house is the easiest and most effective way to keep your family safe when they’re in your Staffordshire home. Smoke Alarms aren’t expensive, but they supply an invaluable service to your family.

smoke alarms staffordshire


Come and see our Smoke Alarms for Staffordshire!

Here at ETS Lighting we supply a wide range of smoke alarms throughout the Staffordshire area, including large brands such as Aico. We’re a local business and have been in the industry for over 20 years, this means we’re perfectly placed to offer advice and guidance to help you choose the right smoke alarms for your Staffordshire home and business. If you would like more information, then get in touch, or come and see us in store.

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