Smoke Alarms in Stoke on Trent & Staffordshire

When it comes to fire safety, there is no room for error. Attention to detail is key and a quality smoke alarm is not something you can dismiss. Cheap smoke alarms have proven to be ineffective time and time again, sometimes with fatal consequences. Poor design and detection systems plus inadequate battery life or warning systems are just some of the flaws that plague many smoke alarms. Here at ETS, we supply on the very best smoke alarms to ensure your property is well protected.

Smoke Alarms Staffordshire

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Recent figures have shown that over 40% of fire related fatalities in the home were in homes that had no smoke alarms in place. A further 37% of cases were down to faulty or inadequate smoke alarms that failed to alert the homeowner of the dangers. Businesses have also lost millions of pounds as a result of fire damage as many insurance companies will not pay out unless you had an adequate fire safety system in place. The same usually applies with home insurance too. Our smoke alarms have heat, smoke and co2 detectors plus fire sensors built in as well as a backup battery system to ensure you are protected as much as possible. For such a small device, a smoke alarm can make a huge difference.

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We have provided smoke alarms for both the industrial and domestic sector for over 25 years and have satisfied customers all across Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire. ETS stock smoke alarms from the most reputable manufacturers in the UK including Aico and British General. Plus, we also have offer trade discounts for bulk buys. If you want to see our smoke alarms for yourself, come and visit our store in Newcastle-Under-Lyme to see what we have in stock. Alternatively, you can contact us about smoke alarms here.


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